Porcelain Tile Flooring Inlays – Visually Alluring and Durable

Gone are the days of plain and dull flooring, now is the trend of attractive and colorful flooring inlays! By spending less, you can enhance the appearance of your dim flooring and thus completely transform the look and feel of your entire building. Sounds exciting? Partner with any experienced hands, and redefine your flooring style to something new and lively.

Porcelain Tile Flooring Inlays – The Best Option for Areas with Intense Traffic

Amongst the several material options available, porcelain tiles are widely chosen for their several beneficial features. Manufactured from special clays and minerals, these tiles are harder and denser compared to others. They are temperature resistant and four times more durable than traditional glazed tiles. Moreover, they are scratch and impact resistant, which make them a perfect option for areas with heavy traffic. Available in plain, rough or polished finishes, porcelain tiles can be cut to any shape to make unique flooring inlays in par with the layout of your rooms and buildings.

However, one would think that being a harder material, how can these tiled be cut to preferred styles and shapes? Below you will find answers for this.

Cutting Porcelain Tile – Water Jet is the Right Method

Water jet cutting enables creating complex cuts and designs on the hardest porcelain tiles. This revolutionary and highly efficient cutting method allows making curved or organic shapes that would be otherwise difficult to achieve with conventional cutting methods. Business logos, corporate identification marks, welcoming signs can be carved on porcelain tiles utilizing waterjet cutting. Intricate details can be cut neatly on the tiles without damaging them. There is no Heat Affected Zones (HAZs) generated during the cutting process, which helps retain the original appearance and strength of materials being cut.

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