An Overview of Operation and Applications of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Technique

Abrasive water jet cutting is a modern machining technique useful for cutting and shaping hard material such as steel, plastic, and granite. This method is especially useful when applying a stream of only water does not work. Use of abrasive substances in the water stream makes a strong impact on the hard surface of a material, and helps in efficiently carrying out the cutting and fabrication processes.

How do abrasive water jet cutters work?

A water jet cutter consists of a nozzle through which a stream of slurry (water and abrasive cutting substances) exits at high speed and impacts on a material that needs to be cut and shaped. The slurry passes through a small orifice in the nozzle, which causes to build up the pressure just before the slurry pumps out of the water jet cutter.

Commonly used abrasives in water jet cutting are suspended grit, aluminum oxide, garnet, among others.

Where can you use the abrasive water jet cutting technique?

This technique can practically be used to cut a wide array of materials such as plastic, stone, ceramic, glass, metals, etc. Various domestic, commercial, and industrial applications make use of this technique when it comes to fabricating material into intricately designed shapes and forms. Different industries that use abrasive water jet cutters are:

  • Construction Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Metal Fabrication and Machining Industry
  • Pneumatic Tools Development Industry
  • Rivet Removal Sector
  • Stone Crushing Industry
  • Rubber and Plastic Industry
  • Foam Fabrication Industry

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