Hydro-Lazer Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Services – Avail When Extremely Smooth Finish is Desired

When cutting thicker and stronger materials is your requirement, then waterjet abrasive cutting is the perfect solution. This technique differs from normal waterjet cutting in one aspect. As the name implies, in abrasive waterjet cutting, an abrasive material is combined with coherent waterjet to slit the work piece. However, in waterjet cutting, there is no abrasive material accompanied with the water stream to execute the cutting task. When compared to plain waterjet cutting, abrasive waterjet creates a smooth finish on the work piece.

Hydro-Lazer – Possess Immense Expertise to Work with Virtually Any Type of Material

Hydro-Lazer, Inc. has a proven track record of handling projects within stipulated deadlines, budgets and quality parameters since 1985. When you face problems in cutting strong materials quickly and accurately, come to Hydro-Lazer. We accomplish this with utmost care, ensuring optimum precision and close tolerances. When compared to traditional cutting methods like plasma and lazer cutting, abrasive waterjet ensures outstanding edge quality.

What Makes the Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Method Different?

The working of normal waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting is almost similar, except when it comes to abrasive addition. Similar to waterjet cutting, a high pressure pump generates a stream of water (40,000 to 55,000 psi) to start the cutting process. This coherent waterjet reaches the venturi section of the machine after passing through a small diameter orifice located inside the equipment nozzle. In the venturi section of the machine, the high pressure water stream gets mixed with granular abrasives. The mixture is then passed through a specialized ceramic mixing tube, wherein the water and abrasive particles are combined. This high velocity mixture travels at high speed and impact on the kerf face and performs the actual cutting.

What are the Common Types of Abrasives Used in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting?

Selecting the right type of abrasive is imperative to get the desired results. There are several factors to be considered when choosing abrasives. These include, the compatibility of the abrasive with the material being cut, and desired surface finish.

List of Materials that are Compatible with Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Small, medium, and large scale industries are increasingly discovering several cost and quality benefits of the abrasive waterjet cutting technique. The technique is largely preferred over many conventional cutting techniques by industries including, aerospace, construction, medical, semiconductors.

At Hydro-Lazer, we are experts in cutting or shaping a wide range of materials by best utilizing the capabilities of abrasive waterjet. The materials compatible with this method include:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Composites
  • Ceramic
  • Cork
  • Polyurethane
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plexiglass
  • Acrylic
  • Foam
  • Copper
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Rubber
  • Plastic

Why is the Hydro-Lazer Abrasive Waterjet Technique a Preferred Method?

Abrasive waterjet cutting technique is gaining popularity day by day. There are several reasons accounted for this vast popularity. These include:

  • It is the perfect technique to create intricate shapes from materials, keeping accuracy within +/-.003".
  • Since it is a cold cutting process, it leaves no thermal distortion or work piece hardening.
  • It can create burr free cuts with smooth and clean edges. This eliminates the need for any kind of secondary tooling.
  • It is environmentally sustainable when compared to several other cutting methods. There are no toxic gases, fumes, and hazardous chemicals generated as byproducts of the cutting process.
  • Since there is no heat generated during the process, the technique is ideal for use in explosive environments.
  • The process is carried out using CNC controlled multi-axis cutting machines. This means that parts can be cut to tight tolerances and exacting specifications.
  • It is faster when compared to several other cutting methods in use now. It is 5-10 times faster than EDM cutting.
  • There is no direct contact between the waterjet and the cutting surface, thus ensuring clean cuts without distorting the piece.

Hydro-Lazer Presenting you with Infinite Possibilities

Our abrasive waterjet cutting services can do more than you imagined, at prices that are lower than you expected. We customarily work with OEMs and fabrication centers. Our experienced and well-trained staff makes it exceedingly easy for you to do business with us. Our advanced machines ensure that your material's properties are not affected and component strength is retained. Moreover, our abrasive waterjet cutting services ensure high-quality part finish that helps eliminate costs associated with any kind of secondary finishing operations.

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