Glass Cutting Services

There are several factors to be considered when cutting glass for a wide range of industrial applications. Glass has a tendency to crack when exposed to high pressure levels. Traditional cutting methods like plasma cutting induces heat and pressure that can lead to material damage. Such problems are not associated with the water jet cutting technique.

Hydro-Lazer Offering Water Jet Cutting Services

At Hydro-Lazer, we can cut glass to desired shapes, sizes, and lengths without damaging the work piece. The method is gaining popularity universally, as it can create contours and intricate shapes from glass panes and sheet, which are otherwise difficult with traditional methods. From ultra-thin glass panels for smart phones to multi-layer glass for military vehicles, we can create accurate and clean slits by utilizing the technology.

Why use Water Jet Method for Cutting Glass?

Water jet cutting is the most suitable method available for cutting glass as:

  • It ensures minimal material wastage, whilst not altering the form and structure of the work piece.
  • It can make precise cuts without burrs.
  • It can create smooth cuts, eliminating any kind of extra tooling.
  • It is highly accurate yet flexible to cut mirrors, glass ornaments, showpieces, and much more, without any cracks.

When cutting glass, maintaining high end precision is of paramount importance. Come to us at Hydro-Lazer and we can take care of your requirements. Owing to a rich industrial experience, we know to handle glass materials with extreme caution.

When you partner with us, you don’t have to worry about material wastage, and cracking of your glass material. We will handle it carefully, whilst providing superior results.

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