Get Complex Components Created Quickly and Precise with 3 Axis Waterjet Cutting

Hydro-Lazer provides different types of waterjet cutting services to support industrial customers in the creation of various products and components. Earlier, we were providing only 2 axis waterjet cutting. Today, with the growing requirements of customers, we have added 3 axis waterjet cutting to our list of services. This service is ideal for clients, who are looking for fast, accurate, and versatile cutting solutions.

Why Choose 3 Axis Waterjet Cutting Services

Three axis waterjet cutting provides all the advantages of 2 and 2.5 axis cutting, as well as the benefit of creating complex components within a short time period. The following points elaborate on the benefits of this cutting system.

  • Our 3 axis CNC machines comprise simple yet high quality components. This allows the machine to cut different types of components quickly and precisely.
  • Components such as clamps, machine parts, stock and fixtures can be machined completely in one go.
  • The machine’s cutting cycles can be modified to ensure that the cutting takes place in one particular area. It can also be programmed to focus on, or avoid any area.
  • High speed tool paths can be generated without any issues related to sharp corners. This also means that the machine can be modified to create a variety of tool paths using instruments with unique shapes, such as tapered ball, flat, and hog nose tools.

Various Types of Industries Served

Customers contact Hydro-Lazer for component reaming, cutting, and shaping requirements. We offer our services to organizations working in a variety of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Power Generation

Hydro-Lazer’s 3 axis waterjet cutting services provides the benefits of versatility, high speeds, and precise cutting and shaping. We can provide you with practical cutting and production solutions, regardless of the requirement. When you work with Hydro-Lazer, Inc., you will never need to look for another waterjet cutting partner.