The Advantageous Combination of Rubber Floor Tiles and Waterjet Cutting

In today’s fast paced and hectic lifestyles, rubber floor tiles can be used as a great alternative for standard tiles to create a safe and comfortable environment in a commercial facility. Rubber floor tiles manufacturers are able to meet the diverse needs and requirements of customers by providing rubber floor tiles of different shapes, sizes, thickness, designs, colors, and textures. There are many benefits to using rubber floor tiles in a facility:

  • They are strong, tough, durable and yet soft to touch
  • They require minimal maintenance
  • Rubber tiles are fire and water resistant
  • They are resistant to high impact loads
  • They are non toxic and recyclable

For installation, the tiles are interlocked together using dowels that protrude out from each tile. Rubber floor tiles are also equipped with a transition strip, providing the required safety for children as well as adults. Rubber floor tiles can be found in retail houses, commercial kitchens, fitness centers, restaurant bathrooms, playgrounds, interior sport courts, and commercial laundry rooms.

Rubber Floor Tiles

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  • canisius college logo on rubber floor tile
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  • rubber floor tiles

Waterjet Cutting for Rubber Floor Tiles

Hydro-Lazer can create colorful and intricate designs on rubber floor tiles using waterjet cutting. As a fine cutting stream is used, the tiles can be cut into precise shapes with good material yields. Our multiple head waterjet machines can also accommodate rubber floor tiles with thickness of up to 4 inches.

The biggest advantage of using waterjet cutting for rubber floor tiles is speed. Rubber floor tile designs can take almost half the time as it would with regular and laminated tiles. Waterjet cutting is a great replacement for the steel rule die cutting process. As waterjet cutting is cold water process and rubber floor tiles are non toxic, there is no need to worry about noxious fumes emanating during the cutting process.

As you can see, rubber floor tiles and waterjet cutting go hand in hand.