Precise Waterjet Cutting for Beautifully Designed Floor Medallions

Floor medallions can be created on various materials like stone and metal. Their installation enhances the aesthetic appeal of commercial and residential complexes. Waterjet cutting is the best solution for creating beautiful floor medallions in an array of designs and sizes.

Hydro-Lazer, Inc.’s Services for Waterjet Decorative Floor Medallions and Inlays

Hydro-Lazer, Inc. specializes in using waterjet cutting to create floor medallions in a variety of materials including, marble, slate, limestone, granite, glass, and porcelain. We provide a number of stock waterjet medallion designs for the customer to select from. We can also custom cut stones according to design ideas provided by our customer. We utilize CAD/CAM systems to design the medallion with intricate details.

Our Capabilities

Hydro-Lazer has been in the waterjet cutting business for over 30 years. Our knowledge is vast in all aspects of waterjet cutting, and we use only the latest equipment and technologies. Our technicians are trained in creating vinyl flooring waterjet medallions based on any design.

Advantages of the Waterjet Cutting Process Used at Hydro-Lazer

The waterjet cutting process employed at Hydro-Lazer provides various advantages that include:

  • Raw material savings due to reduced scrap.
  • No distortion or heating of the material being cut.
  • Almost any flat material can be cut with this machine.
  • Increased productivity through fast and high quality cutting.
  • Minimal kerf even for the most intricate designs and patterns.
  • No frequent replacement of important machine parts like waterjet orifices and focusing nozzles.

If you are looking to get a waterjet cutting service, look no further than Hydro-Lazer. You can call us at 724-295-9100, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also request for a quote by providing your details here.