Enhance the Ambience of your Home and Office with Water-jet Tile Medallions

Tile medallions are great ways to enhance the ambience of a room, home, office, or building. As the name suggests, these medallions are designed and cut in the shape of tiles. While tile medallions can be used for walls and even tables, we at Hydro-Lazer focus on providing tile medallions for floors.

Hydro-Lazer’s Offerings for Tile Medallions

At Hydro-Lazer, we specialize in creating water-jet tile medallions. We have the capabilities to create these products out of nine different materials. Our hydro jet cutting machines can create tiles of any size and shape. Customers can contact us, providing a final specific design, or we can work with them to create a design from scratch. As these are another type of floor medallions, we always recommend making the design medium to large in size. This will make the medallion the center piece of the room. We choose a color scheme depending on information about the application area from the client. Hence, we design the medallion to be aesthetically pleasing.

Practical Benefits of Tile Medallions

Waterjet tile medallions can provide customers a variety of benefits when compared to wooden medallions.

  • Marble and granite are two commonly used materials to create tile medallions. These natural features of these materials makes the medallion extremely beautiful.
  • Marble and granite are extremely durable materials, and are easy to maintain.
  • They can installed indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The design of the medallion can be custom created without any problems.
  • Tile medallions by hydro cutting are precisely cut with excellent grooves and edges.
  • As waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process, the cuts are burr-free, and will not destroy the natural beauty of the material.

Hydro-Lazer is your leading provider of water-jet tile medallions in Pennsylvania. Contact us to find out more about our water jet cutting solutions for tile medallions. When you work with Hydro-Lazer, Inc., you will never need to look for another tile and inlay partner.