Create Stylish Ceramic Floorings with Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet machines are great tools for cutting materials, and creating artistic flooring products such as inlays, signs, or medallions. Among the many materials it can cut, ceramic is a popular choice for creating the above mentioned products. Waterjet cutting possesses the unique ability to cut intricate designs at high speeds without breaking the material. Compared to traditional cutting tools such as CNC machines, waterjet cutting dramatically reduces the process time.

Ceramic Waterjet Cutting Services at Hydro-Lazer, Inc.

Hydro-Lazer, Inc. is an expert in waterjet cutting techniques. We have been serving a number of clients with high quality waterjet cutting services for more than three decades. Our technicians are experts in cutting burr-free inlay ceramic floor tile patterns. We can create intricate ceramic floor designs without affecting the form and structure of the work piece.

Reasons to Opt for Hydro-Lazer’s Water Jet Cutting Services for Ceramics

The reasons to opt for Hydro-Lazer’s services for waterjet cutting of ceramics, include:

  • No secondary tooling required.
  • Reduces scrap and minimal raw material wastage.
  • Environmentally friendly process, as no toxic gases are used.
  • Cuts materials with thicknesses ranging from of 0.002" to 8".
  • Creates clean designs with cutting tolerances as close as ± 0.003".
  • The cutting process is fast, flexible, precise, and highly repeatable.
  • No HAZs (Heat Affected Zones) on material, as no heat is generated during the process.
  • The machine can be programmed to cut any design and shape using standard CAD/CAM systems.
  • Low operating costs, as the focusing nozzles and waterjet orifices require occasional replacement.
  • Quick, effortless, and economical system setup. There is no need to adjust the machine according to the material to be cut.

If you require any more information regarding our waterjet cutting services, feel free to contact us. You can also request for a quote by providing your details here.