Create Stunning Laminated Flooring Designs with Waterjet Cutting

When it comes to floor surfaces, one of the best options to look at is laminated tile flooring. It is known for its versatility, convenience, and affordability. There are many advantages of using laminated flooring to enhance the internal look and environment within your organization.

  • They comprise many wear layers, making them durable and crack resistant
  • Flooring manufacturers provide a number of styles and colors to choose from
  • They can be used as a great substitute for wood and stone
  • They are affordable and easy to maintain
  • Installing laminated flooring can be done without adhesives; and they can be installed within a day or two
  • Replacing new flooring with an old one is an extremely simple task

The above reasons prove that laminated flooring can be used as simple and complete flooring solutions for commercial organizations such as schools, health clinics, commercial offices, hostels, B&Bs, etc. Hydro-Lazer can provide beautiful laminated flooring to customers with the help of waterjet cutting.

Laminated Flooring

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How Waterjet Cutting can Help Maintain Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring can suffer from warping, cracks, and distortion due to extreme heat. Ergo, heat cutting methods like laser cutting or plasma cutting will not be appropriate. Hydro-Lazer utilizes cold water in its waterjet cutting process. This ensures that no part of the laminated flooring will ever experience warping or distortion from the cutting process.

As waterjet cutting is an automated process, there is no dearth of different types of designs that can be created with laminated flooring. The design is simply uploaded onto the computer and the waterjet cutting machine takes care of the rest. The high water pressure from the waterjet nozzle ensures that precise cuts are made to create complex yet accurate designs from the laminated flooring.

With the growing rise of large buildings and complexes, you need laminated flooring that will be able to meet that demand. The New Age technologies in waterjet cutting allow Hydro-Lazer to effectively create designs from extremely large pieces of laminated flooring.

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