How To Plan Your Floor Medallion

How To Plan Your Floor Medallion

One of the most interesting and exciting types of home décor available for hardwood floors is the visually stunning “floor medallion.” A floor medallion is a special decorative insert, usually round like a medallion, that can be customized to have almost any design and is placed in the floor to add to the aesthetic of a room. A popular form of floor medallion is a compass rose. At Hydro-Lazer, floor medallion inserts are one of our specialties. If you’re considering a floor medallion for your home, here are some tips for planning it out.

  1. Choose a Design

It may be that you already have a design in mind, or you’re not sure what style you’re interested in. Whatever the case, there are some important considerations to have in mind before making a choice.

  • Color

It’s possible to get floor medallions in full color, however, these are harder to coordinate with an entire room. More commonly, designs are made with varnished or lacquered wood of different shades. These are easier to combine with the coloring of your floor itself and the style of the rest of the room.

  • Size

You’ll also have to be careful about how small or large your design is. Too small and your details may become obscured, but too large and it may be difficult to arrange your furniture or another décor around it.

  1. Room Arrangement

Another vital part of planning for a medallion is knowing where it will go. The very best way to plan out the location of your medallion is with a floor plan of your home. It’s also helpful to have a cardboard or paper cutout at the size of your desired medallion that you can place on the floor to see how it fits with your arrangement and how your furniture needs to be moved, if at all.

  1. Create Visual Symmetry

The goal with a medallion should be to create a balanced visual space. Often times the easiest way to do this is centering the medallion in whatever space it’s added to, but that’s not the only way. The important thing is that the placement feels intentional.

If a floor medallion is something you’re considering for your home, choose Hydro-Lazer to cut and install it for you! We guarantee it will look fantastic and last for years to come. Contact us today with your ideas, and we’ll get started right away.

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