Staying Safe When Working with a Waterjet Cutting Machine

Staying Safe When Working with a Waterjet Cutting Machine

This may be stating the obvious, but a waterjet cutting machine is a serious industrial tool that requires an emphasis on safety while in use. Having the right knowledge about these machines is paramount to operating them safely and efficiently. While the abrasive waterjet itself is the apparent danger, there are other parts of the machine that can harm or injure. While working with Hydro-Lazer, here are some dangers to avoid while working with a waterjet machine.

  • The water stream itself

A waterjet that carries abrasives such as garnet can do terrible damage and easily remove fingers if brought into contact. Fortunately, the stream is often easy to avoid. You should never attempt to steady any materials with your hands while the machine is in use, above or below the water; the jet is just as strong under the water as above. In fact, the central rule should be to never put your hands in or near the machine while it is running. While the stream doesn’t often kick up dust or debris, it’s always wise to wear protective eyewear while operating the machine.

  • The slat supports

After repeated use, the supporting slats that lie above the water and support the material can become jagged and sharp from repeated cutting. This is the most common form of injury from waterjet machines – be cautious when replacing these slats. On large machines, never rely on the slats to support your weight while retrieving cut parts. Always put down a catwalk or board.

  • The pressure tanks

Water is not as compressible as air. This means it only takes a bit of water leakage for all pressure to be lost. Many machines are built with the capacity to bleed off excess pressure, but you should always keep an eye on pressure readings while the machine is in operation. Be sure to keep an eye out for deterioration with any pressurized parts, as this can lead to dangerous pipe or tank bursts.

Waterjet machines are valuable tools that manufacture parts for almost every major industry, and like every tool, they should be treated with care so our workers can come home safely. Contact Hydro-Lazer for the best cutting prices on the market today.

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