The Value of Waterjet Cutting in Medicine

The medical industry has very precise needs of its equipment. Things have to be made to exacting specifications in order to ensure they can do their part to heal people and save lives. Hydro-Lazer is a proud contributor to that process, and for the benefit of our readers, we wanted to highlight some of the ways that waterjet cutting technology is important in the world of medicine.

One of the most intimate applications of waterjet manufacturing in medicine is the creation of implants, which need to have great durability and be perfectly formed to perform their functions in the human body. One of the primary advantages of waterjet in this context is that it can very precisely shape the parts and materials without compromising the structural integrity of the material or the part.

Additionally, with the right software, extremely complex geometrical parts can be made which see use in everything from the aforementioned implants to lab equipment and machine parts. As an added benefit the parts come out not only efficiently, but very clean.

Hydro-Lazer’s waterjet machining operators have done multiple medical projects and are always ready to take on new ones. If you find that you have need of waterjet for medical or other purposes, we are happy to help. Please contact us for quotes, or for any information on our capabilities and what we can offer you.

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