Water Cutting in Architectural Metalwork

Water Cutting in Architectural Metalwork | Hydro Lazer BlogOne of the ways to enhance your home’s appeal is to add decorative metal features such as ornate railing, trellises, gates, and fences. The traditional method for creating these interior and exterior design elements used to be architectural metalwork: basically the bending and heating of metal to create various shapes and structures. Architectural metalwork includes trades and skills such as bronze casting, blacksmithing, and metal sculpting, all of which are painstaking and time-consuming. A more convenient and modern way to create these architectural design features is by using Water Cutting. As we explained in a previous blog post, it is the use of fine jets of water to be able to cut various materials. Why should you consider using Water Cutting for your Architectural Metalwork? Here are some reasons why:

Water Cutting is Clean and Safe – As the name suggests, water cutting does not generate any heat or fumes that could be potential hazards while working. No harmful waste products are created in the process, and the water used to cut the metal remains non-toxic. In addition, the method is environmentally-friendly as well.

Water Cutting is Powerful but Sensitive – Water Cutting allows us to cut very thick slabs of metals with ease, and water jet cutting is effective for very hard metals. We can cut metals such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Tool Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, and Brass. And unlike conventional laser or plasma cutting; the water does not damage the metal being worked on and does not cause any burring, scarring, burning, or cracking on the metal’s surface. In fact, water cutting does not change the target metal’s structure in any way, shape, or form.

Water Cutting is Precise and Less Wasteful – Water Cutting technology allows us to cut complex and intricate shapes and designs out of metal. This is done in less time than it takes for traditional metalworking techniques to render a piece. Also, unlike in traditional metalworking; there is a smaller amount of material that is actually removed, which translates into savings for the client as there is less scrap metal generated.

Here at Hydro Lazer, we have an experienced team of cutters who can create Architectural Metalwork to your design specifications. If you can design it, we can cut it! Contact us today, or request for a quote online. We are more than ready to fulfill all of your metal (and non-metal) cutting needs!

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