Small but Powerful – The New Age Waterjet Cutting Systems

Waterjet cutting system manufacturers are continually trying to find innovative solutions to help their clients to save on aspects such as time, money, and maintenance. Now another important aspect can be crossed off the list – machine size and facility space.

Many waterjet cutting system manufacturers are designing smaller yet powerful systems for their clients. Today, you may find a variety of systems being introduced in the market with total size specifications between 5 and 8 feet.

Usually, people would assume that a small size equals less power and output. But not these New Age systems. Manufacturers have found solutions that allow them to reduce the size while producing the right amount of power for various custom waterjet cutting requirements.

Understanding the importance of energy efficiency, manufactures are also designing their machines with extra fine abrasive nozzles, breakaway heads, and technological sensors. These specially designed structures help the system to create a product according to the right specifications as well as save on energy.

Many machines being introduced have the capability to use only 60% of abrasive materials while producing four times the power than standard waterjets. This makes them ideal for a variety of cutting requirements.

Thanks to the small sizes of the systems, there is no necessity to move the equipment to a new plant or create separate facilities within the existing factory.


There are many advantages that can come with using powerful yet small sized waterjet cutting systems:

  • The waterjet’s cutting area can be designed to be the same size as the machine. This helps to save on utility space.
  • Abrasive nozzles can help to cut tough materials such as stainless steel and titanium.
  • With these systems, cutting diameters as low as 00.12 inches can be executed.
  • Electro servo pumps can aid the system for submerged cutting processes.

With more research being conducted on such new innovations, the custom waterjet cutting industry can look forward to immense growth and success.

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