Why Waterjet Systems are Perfect to Provide Metal Cutting Services

Components for mechanical systems are constructed from various metals. These include stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The construction needs to be absolutely precise to ensure that the new component can be easily installed in an existing system. It should also perform as well as the original component. For precise component manufacturing, you need a precise cutting system. Waterjet metal cutting is the ideal solution for this requirement.

Reasons to Choose Metal Cutting with Waterjet Machines

There are a variety of beneficial reasons why waterjet cutting is the perfect solution to create metallic industrial components.

  • Versatility: Compared to laser cutting machines, waterjet cutting is extremely versatile. It can be used to cut extremely thick metals like titanium. Waterjet systems have the capability to cut the metal in thicknesses up to 305 mm. Such thicknesses cannot be achieved with laser cutting without deforming the metal.
  • Affordability: One of the reasons why laser cutting systems are not chosen by organizations is that they are extremely expensive. Prices of new laser machines start from $350,000. However, waterjet cutting is more cost-effective, with low cost machines starting from $40,000. The prices of large, high range machines can increase up to $100,000.
  • Material Deformation: Laser systems utilize intense heat to cut metals. However, the heat can also cause the metal to burr. Also, when the material cools down, the metal can harden along the edge of the cut. Waterjet metal cutting machines utilize cold water, and an abrasive additive to cut through the material. The lack of heat ensures that there is no change to the metal structure, or any deformation along the edge of the cut.
  • Speed and Precision: While laser systems are known for their speed, looking at the previous point, precision may not be up to the mark. Waterjet cutting machines have the ability to cut a design into the metal in a very short period of time. Creating perfect circular holes in metals is performed very easily.

All these various points prove that waterjet cutting is the most excellent metal cutting service to opt for. It is the perfect system to create high performance metal components.

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