Create Accurately Cut, Incredible Laminate Floor Designs with Water Jet Cutting

Waterjet cutting utilizes a high pressure jet of water to cut different kinds of materials. This is one of the most innovative green technology alternatives for traditional cutting methods. Today, this advanced waterjet cutting process is used to design laminated flooring for residential, as well as commercial facilities.

Major Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

The major benefits of using waterjet cutting to create laminate floor inlays include:

  • Eco-Friendly and Economical: Waterjet cutting is an economical and eco-friendly technology. The process does not leave behind any hazardous waste, and thus reduces the cost required for waste disposal. Also, the water used during the process can be recycled through filtration, and reused for future hydro cutting assignments.
  • Non-Toxic and Natural: Non-toxic abrasive grains are combined with the high pressure water just before it leaves the nozzle. The combination of high velocity waterjet and fine abrasive grain particles ensure easy material cutting. Also, it doesn’t produce any heat, hence the possibility of melting of material is completely negated.
  • Highly Precise and Controlled: The hydro cutting process is computer programmed and controlled. The process is precisely designed to ensure maximum material usage and minimal wastage. The high pressure waterjet cuts the material with maximum accuracy, as close as ± 0.03 mm. Usually, CAD/CAM software is used to create beautiful inlay floor designs.

List of Ancillary Benefits

Additional benefits of the advanced waterjet cutting process have been listed below:

  • No wastage
  • Incredible speed
  • Short setup times
  • No heat generation
  • Incredible precision
  • No fixtures required
  • Excellent edge quality
  • No re-cutting required
  • Only one tool required
  • Safer work environment
  • No need to change the tool
  • Cuts the material in 2D shape

Waterjet cutting is the most advanced cutting process, which offers incredible benefits at affordable prices. If you have a design in mind for your home or office, contact Hydro-Lazer today.

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