Why Laminated Flooring Growing in Popularity?

The demands for laminated floor inlays have risen over the years. They are largely chosen to enhance the interiors of domestic and commercial establishments at a price less than other flooring options. Are they popular only because of their cost-effectiveness? No, there are more to add to their extensive usage and vast acceptance.

Why Choose Laminated Flooring?

Compared to hardwood flooring, laminated flooring has several advantages. Laminate floor inlays are durable and can resist heavy-traffic. In addition, laminated flooring:

  • Are easy to install and maintain;
  • Are stronger and long lasting;
  • Are scratch, impact, abrasion, and pressure resistant;
  • Can be recycled;
  • Are eco-friendly
  • Possess outstanding stain resistance and excellent resistance to indentation;
  • Bring substantial cost savings as you won’t need to replace the flooring often;
  • Will not discolor or fade even with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Areas Where Laminated Flooring Inlays are Widely Used

The aforementioned benefits justify the use of laminated floor inlays in the following areas;

  • Kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • Classrooms
  • Bedroom
  • Small Retail Shop
  • Large Office
  • Dining
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Nurses Stations

Designing Alluring Laminated Flooring Designs with Waterjet Cutting

For applications in the aforementioned areas, laminated flooring can be designed in several attractive ways. Extremely large pieces of laminated tiles can be cut into peculiar shapes to create enticing flooring inlay designs. The capabilities of water jet cutting can be best utilized to create customized patterns, innovative designs, and intricate details on laminated inlays. By using the earth’s most common resource, water, the technique can cut through the hardest materials without generating any hazardous gases or smoke. In addition, the method assures fast cutting; hence largely contributing to speeding up the design and installation.

Opt for laminated floor inlays for your high traffic areas. Partner with a leading service provider who masters the art of water jet cutting technique. This will help you get the flooring done faster, whilst meeting your expectations in terms of design and finish.

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