Why to Choose Laminate Flooring Inlays with Waterjet Cutting

Laminate flooring is a popular type of flooring, which imitates texture of real wood and stone. Laminate flooring inlays refer to any kind of logos, emblems, designs, and customized decorative patterns set into the flooring. The quality of laminated inlays will depend on the cutting method. This post explores why water-jet cutting is the ideal perfect method for creating high quality laminated floor inlays.

How Water-jet Cutting Contributes to Quality Laminated Flooring Inlays?

Water jet cutting or hydro cutting is employed for creating floor inlays for laminated flooring due to the following reasons.

  • No Heat Affected Zones: As waterjet cutting is an automated process, where the high pressure water stream is directed to the cutting material. This means no heat is produced during the process. This results in burr-free inlays with perfectly cut edge.
  • Fast: Waterjet cutting is a fast, accurate and flexible process. It enables the user to have high speed and control over the cutting process.
  • Cost-Effective: Water jet cutting is a self a sufficient system, and does not require any additional tooling. This reduces the overall cost assumed by the customers.
  • Versatility: Hydro cutting can be used to cut various materials including laminates, vinyl, rubber, marble, etc.

Benefits of Laminated Flooring Inlays Produced by Water Jet Cutting
Waterjet cut inlays for laminated flooring have many advantages over other types of flooring inlays due to the following reasons.

  • Clean: The waterjet machine produces no toxic gases or fumes, while cutting the flooring inlays because there is no burning involved. Also, water jet cutting doesn’t impair the strength and original constitution of the material.
  •  Innovative: Hydro cutting is an excellent process over laser or flame cutting processes because it allows cutting flexibility. Hence, the inlays are clean-cut, attractive, and durable.
  •  Advanced Cutting Process: Hydro laser cutting is controlled by several automated processes. This helps speed up the process, while making it easy and simple with precise results every time. The above-mentioned points confirm that water jet cutting can contribute to the beauty and elegance of laminated flooring inlays. You can always seek the assistance from a professional water jet cutting services to get your inlays done properly.

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