Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Services – All You Need to Know

Waterjet cutting services from Hydro-Lazer, Inc are designed for cutting-edge precision. Abrasive waterjet cutting can be carried out on several different materials such as aluminum, cork, granite, marble, rubber, steel, brass, composites, copper, and many more. Hydro-Lazer routinely lends its water jet-based cutting services to applications such as medical, aerospace, semiconductors and architectural/artistic components.

Waterjet with abrasives are more powerful and render a cleaner final finish that usually doesn’t require extensive secondary finishing. It typically contains abrasives such as crushed garnet. So if the final look and finish matter to you, then you should opt for a waterjet mixed with abrasives.

The Process

This type of waterjet cutting makes use of a jet of water that has a pressure range between 40,000 to 60,000 psi. This high-pressure jet is pushed through a very narrow orifice, giving the water its cutting qualities.

With the use of multi-axis CNC cutting machines, it is possible to achieve highly accurate results in terms of tolerance, material strength and curvatures. At Hydro Lazer, we can cut parts that conform to the MIL-I-45208A specification.

In applications where plain waterjet will not work, we recommend the use of abrasives. Whether you are an OEM, contract manufacturer, fabrication firm, a job shop, an artist, or an architectural services provider, we can work to leverage your product or service with waterjet cutting services.

We can produce components in short lead times and at competitive rates. For more details and information on our waterjet cutting services, take a moment to visit our website www.hydro-lazer.com.

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