Why is Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Used to Shape and Design Material?

Intricate designs and small machine parts displaying extremely smooth finishes can easily be created using abrasive water jet cutting. The accuracy attained by water jets is as small as 0.13 mm. Thus, they can be used to create machines with very small parts or a design with very complex patterns.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Used To Shape and Design

This method is used to cut intricate designs and shapes for the following reasons:

  1. Abrasive Waterjets are capable of cutting almost all materials except very strong materials like glass and diamonds. This makes their range of application extremely wide, allowing them to cut through a variety of very thick and tough materials.
  2. Since no heat is used or produced, there is no warping of materials or fraying of the edges. When cutting materials that are sensitive to high temperatures, most machines are rendered futile, this is where abrasive waterjet cutting plays an important role.
  3. Since water is used as the cutting medium, it is compatible with many types of materials.
  4. The abrasive material incorporated within the stream offers an incomparably smooth finish.
  5. The capabilities of the machine, and the fact that it is CNC (Computer Numerical Control) operated ensure cutting accuracy. This process provides precise cutting and shaping of material. Thus, even very intricate designs are produced to perfection.
  6. It provides high speed cutting, thus saving time.
  7. Due to its mechanism, there is no cutting dross, thus the water jet produces extremely smooth contours.

Waterjets are designed in a robust fashion. Thus, they can be used for long periods of time and require very little maintenance. The tools and components used also have a long life. This results in lower production costs.

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