Waterjet Decorative Flooring is Now Available in All Imaginable Designs and Materials

Decorative flooring is a term for any kind of flooring pattern used to improve the visual impact of the interior setting. This flooring may include various types of patterns or floor designs created in a particular manner to match the requirement of the interior. Decorative flooring patterns are used in homes as well as commercial establishments to enhance the elegance of interiors. At Hydro-Lazer, we provide decorative flooring inlays, and water jet cut decorative flooring materials.

Waterjet Cutting Advantages in Decorative Flooring Patterns

Hydro-Lazer specializes in water jet cutting, or hydro-cutting, which is used to cut flooring materials, and create decorative patterns on them. Our expertise with creative designs, and work experience with complex materials help us to provide these floorings at cost-effective prices.

By selecting water jet cutting decorative tile flooring, our customers are set to gain in the following ways.

  • Innovative Designs:We can produce any complex, or intricate designs with precision by employing advanced water jet cutting. Our designers can convert any paper design or imagination into a reality with ease. We also provide decorative flooring with 2-axis water jet cutting.
  • Precise Inlays: As water jet cutting is a cold process, so no heat is produced. This means entirely burr-free edges, which aids in precise inlays. There are no heat distortions in the areas, where inlay is created.
  • No Wear and Tear to the Material: As there is no heat produced, and water jet cutting needs no tool changes, the flooring is free from any wear, and tear.
  • Eco-friendly process: Water jet cutting is an eco-friendly process because no fumes, or gasses are produced.
  • Flooring Retains its Original Properties: The flooring material is not directly affected in the tooling process. Due to this, hydro jet decorative medallions retain their original beauty, and strength.
  • No Secondary Processing Required: Water jet cut floorings need no additional tooling, and secondary processing like other traditional cutting techniques.
  • Any Type of Material is Suitable for Creating Designs: The major advantage of water jet cutting is that it can be used over any type of flooring material to create designs.

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