Quality Waterjet Stone Floor Medallions at Cost Effective Prices

Stone floor medallions are types of decorative medallions created from natural stone. Some of the materials used for creating these medallions include marble and granite. These medallions are used to decorate floors in homes and commercial organizations. Hydro-Lazer provides specialized stone floor inlays and water jet cutting services for stone medallion tiles.

Hydro-Lazer’s Specialized Water Jet Cutting Services for Stone Floor Medallions

Water jet cutting is an advanced technique of creating flooring inlays and cutting medallions. This technique provides various advantages against traditional cutting techniques in terms of perfection and productivity. Hydro-Lazer’s expertise in water jet cutting allows for the production of stone medallions in various styles, designs, patterns, and sizes as per the client requirements. Water jet cutting produces no heat, thus, there is no heat distorted or burred areas. This means you will receive a high-quality stone floor medallion with burr-free edges.

Advantages of Using Stone Medallion Tiles

There are various advantages of using stone floor medallions created by water jet cutting. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Low-cost Manufacturing: Cost is an obvious consideration when selecting a particular cutting or inlay method. Water jet cutting demands no additional tools, emulsions, or accessories, so it is a low-cost manufacturing process.
  • Variety of Designs: Water jet cutting can be used to create unique stone floor medallion designs with precision. Water jet cutter can produce any standard or unique designs on floor medallions.
  • Automated Process: Water jet cutting is an automated process, which ensures fast, and precise production.
  • Structural Integrity is Maintained: Water jet cutting does not impair the structural integrity of the process, which means the stone medallions will always retain their structural strength and textures.
  • Durability: As stones are durable than other contemporary flooring materials, the medallions will provide years of service.
  • Benefits of Natural Materials: Stone floor medallions made of marble, and other natural stones, which never go out of fashion. These floor medallions are always in demand, and they will enrich the visual impact of any interior setting.
  • Ideal for Commercial Institutions and Recreation Areas: Stone floor medallions are ideal for all commercial institutions and recreation areas. They can be easily matched with any interior theme.

At Hydro-Lazer, we give importance to the client’s requirements. Our experience and expertise with advanced hydro jet cutting technologies allow us to create intricate designs, logos, and patterns with precision. Fast turnaround times and competitive prices give us an advantage over all our competitors. Call us today to discuss patterns, and designs for water jet stone medallions for your home, or office. You can call us at 724-295-9100 to discuss your requirements. You can also drop us a detailed email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..