Class and Elegance with Waterjet Cutting Herringbone Flooring Patterns

Herringbone floors are one of the oldest tiling patterns in use. These floors are made of equal-sized wooden planks with high glossy finishes, arranged in a crisscross pattern. Herringbone flooring patterns can add character, sophistication, and charm to any public or residential area. Herringbone floors are usually found in churches, public monuments, and traditional homes. They can also be used in modern and contemporary architectural designs.


A perfect herringbone pattern is created by laying a rectangular wooden plank or tile material at 90-degree to each other, thereby creating a “fishbone” design. The wooden planks are cut at 45 degrees for proper layout. Hydro-Lazer can provide perfect waterjet cutting on herringbone tiles with perfect 45-degrees cut, burr-free and clean edges. 

How Waterjet Cutting can Help Maintain Integrity of Herringbone Tiles

Hydro-Lazer can create custom herringbone patterns using waterjet cutting. This method helps reduce material wastage and manufacturing defects by providing control over the cutting process.

If you love to experiment with herringbone tiles and designs within your home, you can go for Hydro-Lazer’s waterjet herringbone flooring patterns that are easy to layout. You can call us at 724-295-9100, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.