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Premium Waterjet Cutting and Flooring Inlays

Hydro-Lazer has been providing the very best in waterjet cutting and precision flooring inlays for over 30 years. With a wide range of services covering any type of project, we stand ready to help you bring your design plans to life.

  • Services for industries from aerospace to architecture and more...
  • Military Inspection Standard certified
  • Glass, plastic and rubber cutting available.

Bringing Value-Driven Custom Waterjet Cutting Solutions Your Way Since 1985

Waterjet cutting presents you with infinite design possibilities. Its speed, precision, efficiency, and value are the four defining elements of this powerful technology. Hydro-Lazer, Inc. has been a specialist in this cutting technique for nearly three decades and we continue to build on our legacy.

If you are looking for a solution that addresses all of the problems associated with conventional cutting methods such as plasma, laser, and EDM cutting, we recommend  Hydro-Lazer's waterjet cutting services. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. We can use our advanced water jet cutting machines on virtually any material without undesirable consequences such as heat-affected zones (HAZs), fumes or mechanical stress on the material being cut.

30th Year of Premium Waterjet Cutting and Flooring Inlays


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flooring inlays sizes

Production capability for any quantity including sizes up to 9 ft X 12 ft. We specialize in flooring inlays.

offline programming and CAD digitizing software

We can use your inputs in the form of hand sketches or CAD drawings, and render designs using offline programming and CAD digitizing software.

WSI 50 HP to cut material

Our advanced systems utilize a high pressure (50,000 PSI) stream of water generated by a WSI 50 HP to cut virtually any material up to 8" thick.

equipment to accurately cut complex shapes

We employ leading-edge CNC and optical equipment to accurately cut complex shapes and contours within a .003" tolerance on certain materials.